Benefits of Buffalo / Bison Meat

Benefits of Buffalo MeatBuffalo (American Bison) has often been called the "original health food". Buffalo meat is considerably higher in protein, yet lower in fat, cholesterol and calories than most other meats, including poultry and many types of fish. The lean content in ground Buffalo meat will normally exceed 96%, compared to just 78% - 90% for ground beef.

American Bison/Buffalo meat has less than 50 calories per ounce; you can see why it is accepted as a diet food by many nationally recognized weight loss programs. And it tastes great, too! Buffalo meat is hearty, sweet and rich with no gamey taste at all. If prepared properly, American Bison/Buffalo is every bit as tender as any beefs available. It is also close to being Fat free!

It's no wonder early plainsmen ate no beef when they could get Buffalo meat, and that Native Americans turned from Buffalo to beef only in extreme circumstances.